Sunday, September 5, 2010

PSGroove Now using for PS3 Jailbreak with iPhone

PS3 console was jailbroken with Palm Pre using PSFreedom and now iPhone is all set to become the next device to jailbreak the PS3 using PSGroove. Infamous iPhone hacker MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team has posted a video showing an Apple mediated jailbreak of the PS3 using the iPhone.
PS3 Jailbreak
Those who do not know, after jailbreaking PS3 PlayStation 3, you can install non Sony approved games. It seems that after the release of open source PS3 exploit PSGroove, many hackers are trying hard to jailbreak Play Station 3 OS. It would be interesting to see, how the Sony reacts on this.
Federal court in Australia ordered electronics retailers in the country to stop sales and distribution of USB based PS Jailbreak after Sony’s claim. Stay tuned for more Play Station 3 Jailbreak updates.
PS3 Jailbreak with iPhone using PSGroove – Video