Saturday, April 30, 2011

[Crack] PkgBackup 4.3.3 Released

                                     PkgBackup 4.3.3 Download PkgBackup 4.3.3

Updates: PkgBackup version 4.3.3 released.Crack is out.

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 PkgBackUp Version 4.3.3 

xBackup 0.3-5 [Original]

xBackup  0.3-5 updates...... This require iOS 4.0 or higher

xBackup is a simple app that will allow you to back up your APT/DPKG sources and installed packages so when you restore you can restore from a backup to get all your apps installed automatically without having to install then individually from Cydia. 

Silent Mode Switcher v1.0.3 Released

Updates: SilentMode Switcher version 1.0.3 released. Download now.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

iOS 4.3.3 Coming in Few weeks ?

                  [Image: iOS_43_walkthrough-400x226.jpg]

Apple today announced that an iOS updates 4.3.3 ? — would be arriving “Sometime in the next few weeks”. So far, Apple has only revealed that the update will:

Celeste v0.9.0-218 iOS 4.3.1 [Cracked]

                                    [Image: img0023i.png]

Updates: Celeste version 0.9.0-218 Released.Crack is out !
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QuickDo V 3.2 Released [Crack]


Updates: QuickDo Version 3.2 released.Crack is out!

    Version : 3.2
  • Add SBSettings Toggles to the task window, can add/remove/reorder via settings.
  • Activate SBSettings Toggles via gesture.

My3G 4.8.1 Released [Crack]

Updates 2 ; My3G 4.8.1 Released.Crack is out!
Version 4.8
  • Fix for Xcode Developer Users

[Crack] Speed Intensifier 4.5 Released


Updates: Speed Intensifier version 4.5 Released.Crack is out!

Veersion 4.5
  • This version do not require respringng
  • Adds an enabling switch
  • Fix Spellings

iBlacklist 4.2-1 Released [Crack]

Updates 2 : iBlacklist 4.2-1 version released.Crack is out! This new CRACK

Version 4.2-1
  • New graphics including RETINA icons
  • New option for password protection, to open another app when the fake password is used

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SBRotator 4.x SBSettings Toggle 0.1 Download Now!


UPdates: SBRotator 4.x SBSetting Toggle 0.1 Version Released.

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PdaNet v 5.01 Released! [Crack]


Updates: PdaNet Version 5.01 released.Crack is out!
Version 5.015.01 comes with some significant changes:
1. Addes an option to hide your tethering usage.

[Crack] yxFlash 3.1.8 Download Free


Updates: yxflash 3.1.8  released. crack is out.

yxflash is video player for mobile devices supporting iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It supports High quality Xvid/Divx, Flash Video, and WMV playback on iPhone.

CallController v 2.7 Released [Crack]

                                        Posted Image

Updates: Call Controller version 2.7 Released.Crack is out!

Version 2.7 
- Version 2.7 have support for Face Time Calls.Yes, now CallController can also work to handle FaceTime calls using the accelerometer/gyro. IT ALSO WORKS FOR IPODS AND IPADS that do have front camera.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

QuickDo 3.1 [Cracked]


Updates: QuickDo Version 3.1 released.Crack is out!

    Version 3.1
  • Add global gesture settings
  • Add "Drag Shortcut Bar" setting

Copy9 1.0.7 Download Now!

                                             Copy9 1.0.7 Download Copy9 1.0.7

Updates: Copy9 1.0.7 Version Released. Download Now

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

iAcces 4.91 Download Now [Cracked]


Latest Updates: iAcces 4.91 version Released.Crack is out!

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[Crack] Tlert 4.7.11 Download


Updates: Tlert version 4.7.11 released.Crack is out!

version 4.7.11
  • When winterboard added Background image view Fixed loadind of Message
  • While  make selection of name, composing new sms via Tlert now jumps to text entry area.

Friday, April 22, 2011

[Crack] Speed Intensifier v 4.4 + Addon 1.0 Released!


Updates: Version 4.7 is released. Crack is out!

version 4.7  
  • First of all remove dependency for winter board.
  • Than split up The package to two.

[Crack] Tlert v4.7.10 Released


Updates: Tlert  version 4.7.10 released. Crack is out!

Version 4.7.10:
  • New: Tlert waits a minute on lockscreen before allowing screen off when typing
  • Fix: Reply gets interrupted on new text received while on lockscreen

Thursday, April 21, 2011

RemindMeLater v 1.2.2-18 Download [Crack]

Updates: ReminMeLater version 1.2.2-18 Released.Crack is out!

    Version 1.2.2-18 :
  • Fixed an interaction problem with ToneFX, where custom sounds were not being used when waking from a snooze


Updates version 2 are :
All Apps Section In Top Left Corner

Barrel V 1.5.5-2 Released


Updates: Barrel version 1.5.5-2 released.Crack is out!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[Crack] iWEP Pro v 3.1.4 Released


Updates: iWEP Pro Version 3.1.4 released. Crack is out!

[Crack] iControl v 1.1.2 Download Now!

Updates: iControl Version 1.1.2 released. Crack is out.

Version 1.1.2

  • This version Have compatibility issues with 4.2.1 fixed

Download Facebreak v 1.50 [Crack]

Updates: Facebreak version 1.5 released.Crack is out!

    Version 1.50
  • This version is have Better iOS

iRetina+ 2.1.10 Released [Crack]


Updates: iRetina+ 2.1.10  version Released.Crack is out!

Version 2.1.10
     Added 2 toggle icons

[News] Untethered RedSn0w New Jailbreak 4.3.2 is out

 The Latest Updates it turns out The Apple which will not patch exploit used To Jailbreak 4.3.1 in 4.3.2. So i0nic updated his kernel patches and we now have an untethered 4.3.2 jailbreak via redsn0w v0.9.6rc13 or newer.

[Crack] Folder Enhancer version 1.4.3-1 Released


Updates: Folder Enhancer Version 1.4.3-1 Released. Crack is out!
Version 1.4.3-1:
  • This will Allow For Installation on iOS 4.3.2 & Any other Future 4.3.x Releases.

[Crack] ManualCorrect Pro v1.1.0 Released


Updates: ManualCorrect Pro Version 1.1.0 released. Crack is out!

    Version V1.1.0
  • Custom corrections can now be case-sensitive.
  • Corrections can be forced in all fields, even passwords.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

iPhoneDelivery download Now!

Updates : iPhoneDelivery Released.Download Now!


[Crack] MultiCleaner 2.9

Updates : Multi Cleaner 2.9 version Released. Crack is out!

Version  v 2.9

  • iPad support
  • 4.3.1 multitasking gestures support

[Crack] a TimeTool version 1.8.7 Released

Updates : Timetool version 1.8.7 released. Crack is out!

Version 1.8.7

  • This version is compatible with ios 4.3+

Monday, April 18, 2011

NAVIGON MOBILENavigator 1.8.0 & Panorama View 3D Updates Released

Updates 2nd : Version 1.8.0 released. The link are given Below 

Eastern Europa

[Crack] Springtomize v 1.4-2 Released!

Updates: Springtomize version 1.4-2 released. crack is out. 

Version 1.4-2

Bugs Fixes:
- fixed magic battery
- other bugs fixed

Saturday, April 16, 2011

[Crack] NES.emu version 1.3.22 Released


Updates: NES.emu version 1.3.22 released. crack is out!

    version 1.3.22
  • Added auto-frameskip option

[Crack] PCE.emu 1.3.22 version Released


Updates: PCE.emu version 1.3.22 released. Crack is out!

    Version 1.3.22
  • Added auto-frameskip option

[Crack] iSHSHit v 1.0.7 Released.


Updates: iSHSHit version 1.0.7 released. Crack is out!

Version 1.0.7
  • Blobs can now be downloaded from Apple

[News]Firmwares 4.3.2 updates Released


When you download the desire firmware which are given below, you can shift-click (PC) or option-click (Mac) the Restore or Update buttons in iTunes. A file dialog will open and let you choose the downloaded ipsw-file.
Note: Your browser may change the ipsw-file into a zip-file. In that case, just rename it to end in.ipsw and iTunes will accept it.

[crack] Tlert version 4.7.8 Released.


Updates: Tlert 4.7.8 version is Released.Crack is out!


[Crack] We++ v1.1-6 Released.


Updates: We++ version1.1-6 released .Crack is out!

v1.1-6 - Multiupload

Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Crack] VoiceActivator V 1.1.1-1 Download Now!

Updates: VoiceActivator version 1.1.1- 1 is released. Crack is out!

To customize iOS voice control the only way is VoiceActivator.
Take control of Voice Control!

  • Added dynamic speech commands.

[Crack] TetherMe v2.1-1 Download Now

Update: TetherMe version 2.1-1 is released. Crack is out.

Dynamically this app will enable native tethering for iOS3.X and iOS 4.X plus devices.This should work on any carrier without the need for customized bundles or preferences. 

[Crack] Notifier+ V4.3 download now!

updates: notifier 4.3 is relaesed . crack is out!

Notifier+ is the debut of the known application called Notifier for the new ios era in Cydia Store. It gives the ability to create and schedule reminders for many kinds of events that happens in your device and you missed them, and also use of statusbar icons for each one.

[Crack] yxflash 3.1.7-1 download Now!

Updates: yxflash 3.1.7-1 is released. crack is out.

yxflash is video player for mobile devices supporting iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It supports High quality Xvid/Divx, Flash Video, and WMV playback on iPhone.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[Crack] iFile 1.5.0-4 updates Download Now!


Update: iFile updates is released 1.5.0-4. Crack is out.

This will works for iPhone , Ipod touch and now Available for Ipad.
Works for iPhone, iPod touch and now Ipad.

[Crack] iLocalis Daemon 2.5.5 Download Now!


Updates: iLocalis Daemon 2.5.5 released. Crack is out!

The new iLocalis version is available for everyone now!

Great new features have been added:
- Take Pictures Remotely (only for Premium)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[Crack] iPhoneDelivery Download Now!


Updates: iPhone Delivery released. Crack is out!

  • Reload Prefrances on MobileSMS resume from background.
  • Revert to previous language handling. Languages like Chinese were not handled appropriatly anymore.

iControlBits v2.0


Updates: iControlBits version 2.0 released. Crack is out!

    iControlBits version 2.0:
  • filters and sort screen; filters: all,all(grouped),seeding,paused); sort by: name,added date, progress,ratio
  • search bar for filtering torrents by name

[Crack] Multifl0w v2.1.4-1 Download Now!


Updates: Multiflow version 2.1.4-1 is released .Crack is out!
Version 2.1.4-1
  • With this app you can add more wallpaper modes.
  • 4.3.1 compatibility update
  • Fixed iFile open-with-other-app bug

[Crack] PKGBackup 4.3.0 Released


Updates: PKGBackup version 4.3.0 released. Crack is out!

    Version 4.3.0
  • Ability to view dependencies
  • Feature for accessibility
  • Libactivator and winterboard library

Download Fullscreen Safari v 1.21 [Crack]

Update: Fullscreen Safari version 1.21 released. Crack is out

[News] Apple Releases iBoy [Video]


The latest updates from Apple that in one  show which was taking place in that  Eretz Nehederet, a show on Israeli channel 22, has aired a video report announcing the release of the iBoy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Animated Icons 1.0


Updates: Animated Icons version 1.0 is released.Crack is out!

Animated Icons Version 1.0 download here:

PCE.emu 1.3.21-1 [Crack]


Updates: PCE.emu 1.3.21-1 version released.Crack is out!

    v 1.3.16
  • Control re-mapping for Wiimotes and the iCP
  • Page-up/down commands for Wiimotes and iCP for faster menu scrolling
  • Separate options for game and menu orientation

NES.emu 1.3.21-1[Crack]


Updates: NES.emu 1.3.21-1 version is released. Crack is out!

    Version 1.3.21-1
  • Classic Controller support for Wiimotes

Old Face v2.2 [Crack]

Update: Old Face version2.2 released. Crack is out!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

[Crack] Tlert 4.7.6

Updates : Tlert Version 4.7.6 released . Crack is out !


  • Delay Lockscreen shutoff when typing - Remove reply bubble on incoming text (sporadic)

[Crack] Tlert 4.7.5 Updated Version

The latest updates for Tlert is release of  4.7.5.Any one using iPhone Ever get annoyed when you're using your phone and an SMS message pops up right over the main part of the screen - requiring you to press close/reply? And as text messages are typically responded to

Snowbreeze 2.5.1 Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 for Windows Download Now!


The Latest update in the iPhone Jailbreak iPhone Jailbreak,iH8snow has just released Snowbreeze 2.5.1 to Jailbreak   iOS 4.3.1 for WindowsSnowbreeze 2.5.1 Jailbreak