Tuesday, April 12, 2011

iControlBits v2.0


Updates: iControlBits version 2.0 released. Crack is out!

    iControlBits version 2.0:
  • filters and sort screen; filters: all,all(grouped),seeding,paused); sort by: name,added date, progress,ratio
  • search bar for filtering torrents by name
  • bigger torrent list screen (removed tab-bar)
  • auto-refresh torrent list feature with possibillity to set refresh interval (hold refresh button to enable auto-refresh mode)
  • add torrent from URL or directly from safari (Open in...)
  • hold on torrent cell to bring up instant actions menu (pause/resume/remove/details,renounce)
  • automatically refresh after adding or configuring torrent
  • added indicator icons(speed limit (turtle) mode, filter mode,auto refresh mode) in status header
  • SSL authentication support
  • pull down to refresh
v2.0 - Multiupload

Requires iOS 4.0 or higher
You’re using Transmission for your legal and not so legal downloads and you need to get your fix on the go, then iControlBits is the App you need.
Transmission Web Interface is an amazing feature but iControlBits is a faster and much more versatile alternative.
iControlBits takes control of the Transmission Torrent client running your personal computer or seedbox and lets you fine tune your Transmission client and edit any setting of your torrents.
With iControlBits on your iPhone, you can start new .torrents directly within Safari Mobile. If you are running Transmission on several computers, iControlBits can store all of your settings and passwords and lets you switch from one to another in an instant.
If you are a paranoid freak and want to secure your Transmission RPC remote access, iControlBits can handle HTTPS SSL authentication* (only Basic authtype is supported by iControlBits for now).
* Setup instructions for HTTPS SSL can be found here
Future updates of iControlBits will bring you many wonderful new features like ‘Instant Actions’, allowing you to control your torrents directly from the torrents list in just one swipe.
Known issues:
On iOS versions < 4.2, you need to quit iControlBits before adding .torrents from Safari


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