Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Download Fullscreen Safari v 1.21 [Crack]

Update: Fullscreen Safari version 1.21 released. Crack is out

Version 1.21 MultiUpload

Donwload version 1.16-2: Multiupload 
Patched Dylib: Mirror

Offers not only a FullScreen mode: also makes Safari a real multitouch browser.
Adds many new Gestures like two and three finger swipes, three finger tab, shake...
Assign different Actions to the Gestures like switch tabs, go back, go forward, create new tab, close current tab, ...
With this, Safari is a realy intuitive and cool web browser.

FullScreen has been tested to work on all iPhones and iPods running firmware 4.0 to 4.1. It also works well with other Safari extensions..

Features :
  • toogleable FullScreen mode
  • new Gestures
  • new Actions
  • more fun
  • intuitive
  • did I say cool yet? ;)
  • and many more...
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