Saturday, April 30, 2011

[Crack] PkgBackup 4.3.3 Released

                                     PkgBackup 4.3.3 Download PkgBackup 4.3.3

Updates: PkgBackup version 4.3.3 released.Crack is out.

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 PkgBackUp Version 4.3.3 

Version 4.3.3 :

  • Improved icon for Retina display settings
  • Updated memory management
  • Added ‘Do Backup’ / ‘Do Restore’
  • UUID info
  • Improved Restore log icon
  • Rolling backups
  • Change Dropbox storage path
  • Manage backups
  • Fixed “Dropbox error message” issue
  • All reported bugs fix
PkgBackup 4.3.3 Download PkgBackup 4.3.3PkgBackup v4.3.3 Download PkgBackup 4.3.3
PkgBackup 4.3.3 iphone Download PkgBackup 4.3.3PkgBackup4.3.3 Download PkgBackup 4.3.3

PkgBackup 4.3.3 can make the backup of all your cydia packages which you can restore at any time. These backup cydia packages can be used to restored at any time. This not only make the backup of all your contents but also the backup of the categories and other hidden files. backup of all the springboard and winterboard files can also be made by PkgBackup.
PkgBackup 4.3.3 makes the scheduled backup at your option and also making of the manual backup option is also available.
PkgBackup 4.3.3 backup can be made by DropBox on the server or on your own device but using the dropbox is recommended for larger backups.

Previous Version:

 PkgBackup 4.3.0

 PKG Backup 4.2.11

 PKG BACKUP 4.2.10


PkgBackup 4.2.7

PkgBackup 4.2.6

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