Friday, April 8, 2011

[Crack] uChat 2.3.2 version released!


UPdate: uChat version v2.3.2 released. Crack is out.

    Version v2.3.2
  • First of all Fixed authentication errors with twitter
  • v2.3.2-1
  • Bluetooth chat should be improved
  • Integrated Twitter & Facebook SSL
  • Update your Twitter & Facebook statuses
  • Improved stability and performance
Download File is Here 

Ever wanted to talk to your friend, without disturbing someone else? Have you ever had something soo important, that you just can't wait to get it out. Have you ever wanted to give out answers in class, without getting caught?
Well now you can, with uChat For iPhone. uChat For iPhone is for any user with an iPhone or iPod Touch(iPad version coming soon). uChat For iPhone allows you to send quick and easy messages in a flash to your friends iPhone or iPod Touch. Now you may be wondering, how secure is uChat?
uChat For iPhone is very secure, and all messages are transferred through a secure bluetooth link. uChat For iPhone is not just for friends, you can also use it with your mom, brother, dad, sister, cousin, or any one else with an iPhone or iPod Touch. uChat For iPhone is very easy and of course, it has to be FREE. Download uChat For iPhone today, and begin chatting with your friends or family.


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