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iBlacklist 4.2-1 Released [Crack]

Updates 2 : iBlacklist 4.2-1 version released.Crack is out! This new CRACK

Version 4.2-1
  • New graphics including RETINA icons
  • New option for password protection, to open another app when the fake password is used
  • Bug fix for camo not changing icons in 4.X firmwares. This bug was introduced by the latest package due to a wrong folder permission in the last package.
  • Bug fix for no sound for text messages problem in 4.2 and 4.2.1 firmwares while using the privacies to suppress the popups
  • Bug fix for text selection in text views not working properly
  • Answer Haptic function in extras now makes the display flash instead of vibrate in iPhone 4. All other device models still should vibrate once the outgoing call is answered and you use the answer haptic enabled.
  • Characters counter added to the text view where you can reply to a blocked message

  •  This version will support iOS4.2.1 

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Update : Version 4.0-5 released ! Crack is out !! *Normally, contact numbers FIXED*

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    v 4.0-5
  • Bug fix for message app integration (conversation list and conversation transcription refresh problems)
  • New option to toggle the messages app integration code (Force Messages App) so you can decide if you want to use it. This option will make iBlacklist run in Messages app to hide blocked messages even when Messages app is opened. Those having problems with bitesms 5.0 crash may try to turn off this new setup.
  • Auto reply sms does not play the sent message sound for privacy purposes

iBlackList allows your to create a blacklist or whitelist for filtering purposes. iBlacklist also features a scheduler which allows you to set the time of day iBlackList is active. The unregistered version of iBlackList allows you to filter 2 numbers. For unlimited numbers your must register. 

Now to add a number to our BlackList press the BlackList button. 

Press the Add button at the top right to Add a number.  

Here we can enter a contacts information in manually or press the Contacts button at the top right to input information from your phonebook. 

Select a contact from your phone book and then select the phone number you would like to blacklist. 

The Display and Phone number fields will then be populated automatically. Press the Add to list button. 

Notice the number is now added to your BlackList. Press the Back button at the top left to return to the iBlackList menu. 

Scroll down and ensure Active Mode is set to BlackList. Note: if you want to setup a whitelist of course you would set active mode to WhiteList. 

Press Settings Calls to modify the settings for call filtering. Here you can set the action to take when a filter call comes in. You can also enable or disable the call filter and set the preferences to save history, delete recent calls, filter restrict number, filter unknown number, show a status bar icon, and vibrate. Press the Save
button at the top left hand corner when finished modifying the settings. 

We can also press Settings SMS to modify the filter options for SMS messages. Here you can enable or disable SMS filtering and set the preferences to save history, delete SMS upon receipt, filter unknown number, show a status bar icon, and vibrate. Press the Save button at the top left hand corner when finished modifying the settings. 

You can press Scheduler from the main menu to set the iBlackList's operation schedule.  

Press to select a day of the week and you can modify the hours iBlackList is enabled for that day. 

Press the Save button at the top left to return to back to the iBlackList menu.

Finally you can also change your password by pressing the Password button on the main menu. Enter a new password and then press the large red Save password button. 

You can now press the Home button to exit iBlackList. When ever you receive a filtered text or call you will notice an icon in your Status bar. Press to launch iBlackList from the SpringBoard. 

Press View History from the iBlackList menu. 

You will now be able to view your filtered call or message and respond accordingly!
Previous Version4.0-2: Official  
3.1.1-8: 4shared

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