Friday, April 8, 2011

[Crack] Springtomize 1.4 Released

Update: Springtomize v 1.4 released. Crack is out!

  • Due to v 1.4 the icons Labels reappearing randomly
  • Spotlight not disabling correctly
  • Fixed a bug which was causing SpringBoard to crash if a folder was placed in the dock
  • Fixed “Hide top bar” for 4.2.1
  • Finally fixed the wallpaper not hiding while charging even if option was disabled
  • Fixed “Hide Inactive apps” in switcher to actually show only multitasked apps
  • Fixed a bug with SBRotator and the “Start with iPod” option for Switcher not working properly
  • Fixed Fake Carrier
  • Improved performances and other small fixes
  • Added first support for iOS 4.3.1
  • Battery theming
  • 5 rows in SpringBoard
  • Status bar custom color also applies inside apps
  • Improved preferences; added Documentation
7 new capabilities to manage! (SMS, Telephony, Contacts, Battery Percentage, GPS, AppStore, Magnetometer) *
*note: you may notice a few apps missing if you were using custom capabilities with Springtomize 1.3-1. Just go into Settings > Capabilities and enable the new capabilities that are disabled by default
v1.4 - Multiupload
Springtomize is the only tweak you'll ever need to customize your device, in all of its aspects: from its capabilities to the look of your SpringBoard.

You can disable elements you don't use or that may slow down your device performances, you can customize the look of your icons, the dock, the folders and the Status Bar, or even your Lockscreen. Springtomize also allows you to save your SpringBoard layout and to restore it later, without wasting time moving icons inside folders or to their original positions!

You can also customize various animations of your SpringBoard or add nice mods to current ones, like choosing the color of the screenshot flash or to dim your device screen like an old tv when locking!

Finally, in the Theming section you can choose to apply a custom dock or a transparent one; you can also make your icons transparent and set the brightness of your wallpaper, without having to edit the image with other apps! Special thanks to CallMeCodeName for graphics and to TrivonT and all my beta testers for their work. Follow me on twitter to for support or suggestions.

Previous versions:
v1.3-1 - Multiupload
v1.3 - Multiupload
v1.2 -Multiupload
v1.1-3 - Multiupload
v1.1-2 - com.filippobiga.springtomize_1.1-2_iphoneos-arm.deb (84.15 KB)
v1.1 - com.filippobiga.springtomize_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb (84.41 KB)
v1.0 -
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