Friday, April 8, 2011

[Crack] Shake to Unlock v1.06 Released


Update : Shake to unlock v1.06 released. Crack is out!

v1.06 - MultiUpload

ShakeToUnlock allows you to unlock your iDevice by shaking gestures, even if your device is sleeping. Or just undim it, which is great for LockInfo or Cydget users.

Many users have requested such an solution and unlike others ShakeToUnlock works even when the Screen is off; unlock whenever you want. It's utilizing technology some great technology. A toggle for SBSettings is included.
To reduce accidental unlocks ShakeToUnlock has settings to adjust the sensitivity and the time the device has to be still until you can attempt an unlock or even make it only use a 2-Shake-Gesture: 2 clearly sepperated Shakes which occur within in 3 secconds. As default ShakeToUnlock will override the Passcode, but you can change that too.
Make your device behave a lot cooler and show off it's new features!


unlock your device via shake gestures (one or two shakes, directional shakes)

unlock all the time: stays alive even when your screen turns off

low battery comsuption
Override Passcode if you wish
Just undim: great for users of LockInfo or Cydget
5 settings for shake-sensitivity
a toggle for SBSettings is included
and more


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