Sunday, July 31, 2011

iWEP Pro 4.0.5 Released [Cracked]

                                                 [Image: ss_iweppro 010.png]

Updates: iWEP Pro Version 4.0.5 Released. Crack is out !
Version : Version 4.0.5
Added WLAN_XX engine
Icon Fix
Offline search

iMAME4all 1.6.1-0 Released


Updates: Version 1.6.1-0 Released !

Version 1.6.1-01:
  • Added 240x320,640x480,480x640 fixed resolutions. Lets play some vector games on full portrait (like tempest), also lets 3g users use real full portrait selecting 240x320 resolution without safe render path activated

AnyRing 5.14 Released [Cracked]

                                            [Image: anyring.png]

Updates: AnyRing Version 5.14 Released.Crack is out.

Version 5.14: Fix For iPad App Crash

TwikaFly 2.0-1 [Cracked]

                                    [Image: twitkafly1.png]

Updates: TwikaFly Version 2.0-1 Released. Crack is out!

Version 2.0-1
* Completely new UI
* Tweetbot support
* Tweet from lockscreen and more

Cyntact 1.4.1-1

                                 [Image: contacts.png]

Updates: Cyntact version 1.4.-1 Released

Changes: Fixed Stupid SpringBoard Crash

MailKeyboardHide 1.0-2 Released

                                 MailKeyboardHide1.0 2 Download MailKeyboardHide 1.0 2

Updates: Mail Key Board Hide version 1.0-2 Released

MailKeyboardHide 1.0-2 for iPhone has released at Cydia. MailKeyboardHide 1.0-2 is a part

DisplayOut 1.5.0-1 Released

                                        DisplayOut 1.5.0 1 Download DisplayOut 1.5.0 1 [Official]
 Updates: Display out version 1.5.0-1 Released

Compatible Cables
iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2 and
iPod touch fourth generation:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Download Call Blocker 1.0

                    Posted Image

Updates: Call Block version 1.0 Released.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SMS GV Extension 1.3.5-1 [Cracked]


Updates: SMS GV Extension 1.3.5-1 Released.Crack is out.............
Requires iOS 4 or 5
Now iOS 5 Compatible

* Fixed "Buy" button not working on iOS 5

MultiCleaner 2.9.2 [Cracked]


Update : Version 2.9.2 Released ! Crack is out.............

Version 2.9.2

  • fixed the welcome alert view

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Cracked] SMS GV Extension 1.3.5

                                       [Image: smsgvextension1.png]

Updates: SMS GV Extension Version 1.3.5 Released. Crack is out....

Requires iOS 4 or 5
Now iOS 5 Compatible

FreeStore 1.0.2 [Cracked]

Updates: FreeStore Version 1.0.2 Released. Crack is out.........

Does Not Work on iPad Appstore

The Heist v1.0 Released


Updates: The Heist Version 1.0 Released. DownLoad Now........
Version 1.0
  • Initial release

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

PhotoAlbums+ for iPad Released [Cracked]

Updates: PhotoAlbum+ For iPad Released.

Want to Manage your Photos?
Do you take a lot of photos with your iPad but hate that you cannot manage them? Frustrated with the Photos app missing options to add and delete albums and move photos between them?
Here is the solution: PhotoAlbums+! And this comes with a 100% stock looking UI integration into Photos and Camera app!
From the makers of iRealSMS and PwnTunes:

AnyRing 5.11 [Cracked]

                                      anyring Download AnyRing 5.11
Updates: AnyRing Version 5.11 Released.Crack is out

New Features in Version 5.11:

  • No need of Conversation
  • Select any song as a ringtone
  • Change SMS tone
  • Transfer ringtones via Bluetooth
  • Fast and Easy Interface

PkgBackup 4.3.12[Cracked]


Updates: PkgBackup Version 4.3.12 Released.Crack is out!
v 4.3.12
* Improvement for PKGBackup contact deletion.
* Bug fix: Dropbox files deleted after viewing available device backup.
* Bug fix: App crashed sometimes after viewing available device backup.
* Bug fix: App crashed in picker with empty device backup list.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

BiteSMS 5.5 Released [Cracked]

                                             [Image: bitesms51cracked.png]

Updates: BiteSMS Version 5.5 Released.Crack is out!

Now JailbreakMe 3.0 compatible.

PkgBackup 4.3.11 Released[Cracked]

                                                  [Image: IMG_0206.png]

Updates: PkgBackup Version 4.3.11 Released. Crack is out!

Version 4.3.11:
* Bug fix: Backup to addressbook crashes at the end.
* Bug fix: Restore webclips
* Bug fix: Crash when selecting an empty list of device backup.
* Added: Viewing backup sessions for device backups using addressbook

Folder Enhancer 1.4.4-1 Released [Cracked]

                                              Folder Enhancer 1.4.4 1 Folder Enhancer 1.4.4 1 – iOS Folder Manager

Updates: Folder Enhancer Version 1.4.4-1 Released.Crack is out.

The New Version 1.4.4-1 Support:
1.Support For iOS 4.3
2.Support Fir iPad