Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barrel V 1.5.5-2 Released


Updates: Barrel version 1.5.5-2 released.Crack is out!

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Barrel 1.5.5-2 is the updated version of the iDevice. Barrel 1.5.5-2 is a classic tweak to give a new view to the iDevice home screen. Barrel 1.5.5-2 gives a lot of options to give a new customized look to the Dock screen. Barrel 1.5.5-2 is updated at BigBoss by Aaron Ash.
Barrel 1.5.5-2 gives the 3D cube effect to the iPhone as it is in the linux system. Barrel 1.5.5-2 shows the barrel effect inside out and outside in.
Barrel 1.5.5-2 adds no new icon to the dock and can settings can be configured from the Settings.
Barrel 1.5.5 2 200x300 Barrel 1.5.5 2
Barrel 1.5.5-2
Barrel 1.5.5-2 added the latest feature with the feature New Zoom Page.

Previous Version:

Barrel 1.5.3-1 (0)

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Barrel 1.3.0 (62)

Barrel 1.1.0 For Apple Iphone (141)

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