Thursday, April 7, 2011

iTune FIX the issue of errors 1013, 3194


Now, I know I'm not the only one that had this problem.
I've seen a large amount of requests on other sites, but nobody's actually fixed it!

Errors Covered: 1013, 3194

If you've been getting these errors lately, this is for you.

You're getting these errors for one of two possible reasons.

1. You've recently tried using TinyUmbrella (i don't get it either)


2. You've been messing around with the wrong types of files.

Whatever the case, this easy fix will work for you.

Everywhere I've looked, people have instructed to use complicated methods of changing up the "hosts" file, located in


And even though they were on the right track, they overlooked the obvious method, provided here.

Step 0:
Bookmark this page.
This requires a reboot, and you don't want to lose the page! (optional)

Step 1:
Go to


on your computer.

Step 2:
Delete the "hosts" file (and "hosts.UMBRELLA" if it's there) but ONLY those two.
Not "Imhosts.sam" or anything else. They're not related to this fix.

Step 3:
Reboot your computer. I'm not completely sure if this is necessary, but I did it and it worked. Play it safe.

Step 4:
Once you're back online, navigate to


and you'll see that your changes have taken effect; no more hosts file, right?

Step 5:
Almost done!
Now, you need to re-inject the proper "hosts" file to the above directory.

To help you do that, click here and scroll down to your operating system.

Step 6:
Finding the box with your OS labeled above it shouldn't be difficult. Once found, copy everything inside the box.

Create a new Text Document (notepad) in


named "hosts.txt" and press [CTRL]+[V] (paste) while it's open, save and close it.

Step 7:
Remove the .txt file association from "hosts" (rename it, and erase .txt) and click "Yes/Ok" (don't worry, the file was unusable before, and now it'll be usable.)

Check that under "hosts" it just says "File" and not "Text Document" or anything else. If this is correct, minimize Windows Explorer and open iTunes.

Step 8:
Restore/Update to your heart's content!

I have a feeling this will save a lot of devices from being sold or thrown away. Remember that if there's a problem, there's always a solution!

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