Monday, December 27, 2010

Antid0te iPhone Security Plugin will be Release sooooooooooon

Sometime back, we discussed about Stefan Esser’s Antid0te tool that uses ASLR technique making iPhones more resistant to malware attacks. Antid0te which was due to be released on 24th of December has been delayed and will now be released at the end of this year, as confirmed via tweet. He further confirmed that Antid0te after all works best with 4.2.1 and that is tethered jailbreak for most devices until the release of new redsn0w.

Antid0te will be released once it is ready which should have been around 24th of December. However due to unforeseen complications and because the iPhone Dev Team is in the process of releasing a new redsn0w the release of antid0te is postponed until the end of the year. If you consider yourself an advanced user you can drop me an email and get an alpha/beta release in the next days.
To be more specific, Antid0te is not a separate jailbreaking tool but a mere plugin or addon that will work on the top of already jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It can easily be used together in conjunction with the pwnagetool, redsn0w and maybe greenpois0njailbreaks. If you are interested in the techniques used to add ASLR to your iPhone here are the slides presented by Stefan Esser at POC 2010. [PDF]

Antid0te Plugin Compatibility

All iOS devices are supported running at iOS 4.2.1. Support for iPhone 4 at iOS 4.1 and iPod 4G at iOS 4.1 should be released, too. iPhone 3G and iPod 2G at anything lower than 4.2.1 are not supported. iPad 3.x will never be supported.
We may expect more iPhones to be jailbroken in 2011. Isn’t? We will keep you updated as and when new jailbreak tool Antid0te is out!