Sunday, January 30, 2011

Geohot will Speak on PS3 Jailbreak Embedded Security iPhone

well well a great news The father of jailbreak George HotZ , for all those, who are anxiously following infamous hacker George Hotz. Geohot will be giving a seminar (hosted by Sven Dietrich) on Embedded Security: More Tales from the Front Lines at Stevens Institute of Technology on Monday (4:00 PM) discussing how iPhone security was jailbroken. The
discussion aims to find out what manufacturers are doing wrong, and how they can make the device more secure.
Embedded devices outnumber PCs at least 10 to 1, and include things as diverse as phones, routers, game consoles, car ECUs, and so forth. Many of these devices use cryptography to authorize and encrypt their firmware. This talk focuses on how security was done on platforms such as the iPhone and how their security was broken.
Companies spend millions on these security systems, and they are being broken by high school and college age kids. This talk will question why this is, what manufacturers are doing wrong, and how they can do it right.
Geohot has now removed the PS3 portions, after Sony was granted TRO from US court. The portions earlier covered how PS3 security was broken, and more importantly how to fix it. But now George won’t be discussing a bit about PS3 hacking which might have assisted Sony corporation to make the PlayStation 3 console more secure. Isn’t?
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we will update you when more information out of this seminar comes in.