Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Angry Birds Rio Coming to All App Stores in March Check Video Teaser

No need for more information about angry bird  as we’re looking at a franchise that became quite popular thanks to the modern mobile environment we’re currently taking advantage of.
angry birds rio

Modern smartphones have powerful app stores ready to offer plenty of content to their
owners, including addictive games such as Angry Birds. Various versions of the game are available on phones and tablets across various platforms (iOS, Android, webOS or Symbian) and the creators behind it won’t stop there.
Besides regular updates to the current versions of Angry Birds Rovio, in partnership with 20th Century Fox, will launch Angry Birds Rio in March 2011, and the new app will be available on smartphone and tablets, just like it’s predecessors. We have a teaser video for you just below, but, before that, here’s what Rovio says about the new Rio game:
Rovio and 20th Century Fox join forces to create a new game, Angry Birds Rio! The game will launch with 45 dedicated levels based on the highly-anticipated motion picture, with regular updates lined up for the future. The game will be available for download on smart phones and tablets worldwide.
As you can see in the video the Angry Birds are taken to Rio where they seem to enter a fierce conflict with a bunch of birds. So will birds fight birds? Where are the pigs then?
Well, in order to find out more about those birds we simply have to show you the Rio trailer, maybe you’ll be able to make more sense of Angry Birds Rio after seeing it.
What we do hope is that we’re going to play with other birds in this Angry Birds version although it’s too early to have such details for you right now. We’ll be back with more Angry Birds news for you, so keep following us on Twitter and subscribe to our feed to find out when Angry Birds Rio is coming out! Oh, and besides Angry Birds Rio we’re also expecting a special Valentine’s Day Angry Birds version too!