Thursday, January 27, 2011

VoIP Calling coming to Facebook soon !

Facebook is going to introduce a new service which is VoIP calling via Facebook? Well, engadget has got their hands on a bit of information, if true, could really shake up the communication market space. A mysterious “Call” button is making random appearances on top right of the facebook when visiting friends’ profiles. Just next to the “Chat,” “Send
Message,” and “Poke” buttons we usually see. It seems that Facebook and VoIP (Voice Over IP) telephony giant Skype are about to announce a “deep integrated partnership” that would bring VoIP phone call feature right on your Facebook.

According to our friend in Israel, when he clicked on the call button, a Facebook box opened with the word “calling” next to the icon of his friend. Sadly the call failed to connect and our tipster tells us he doesn’t believe his friend even got a notification of the call. A few minutes later, the button disappeared from his facebook.
Is Facebook in the process of adding a “call” feature to profile pages? Are we being primed for VoIP calling on Facebook? I won’t get into whether or not I believe this and earlier rumors personally, but here you have to decide of your own. As the latest updates available we will inform you. 
Stay with us for more updates..........