Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homebrew Skype App available For Windows Phone 7

Skype for Windows Phone 7 isn’t available yet, but folks over at XDA are already
working quicker than Skype to produce it for WP7 devices. Jefi, XDA Member and Windows Phone 7 developer, has just announced in a thread that he is working on bringing Skype to Windows Phone 7. And all the screenies you are seeing on this post are from Jefi and one more contributors already working on the project.
While there is no official word from Skype creators on this, but we are sure that this XDA member might release it in a couple of days. So far, the contacts and chat are reported to be working on this homebrew version.And yes, I just recalled that Skype said a Big NO to Windows Phone 7 in May, 2010, so this homebrew Skype might be your last chance.
We don’t really know if you will be able to use all Skype functionality once this homebrew app completes, but there’s no harm in staying positive Smile. If you fancy your self a developer and want to lend helpful hand in development of this Skype for Windows Phone 7, the head to the official XDA thread posted here. We are keeping a keen eye on this development and will post updates and download Skype for Windows Phone 7 link etc. once they are available.