Saturday, January 29, 2011

Geohot’s Note to Sony – And they will remember..

After granting Sony TRO against Geohot for PlayStation 3 jailbreak, the entire jailbreaking community is unhappy. Even Geohot himself has published a short note to Sony on his blog showing dismay and warned that Sony might not get the right programmers in future.

Note to Sony:
It’s apparent you don’t care about your reputation with consumers, and I can almost understand your point there.
Few people consider buying a TV or laptop a moral choice, and the consumer base is quite large.
But talented developers are in much shorter supply, and take it from one personally, who you choose to code for is much more of a moral choice.
The programmers you will one day be looking to hire are the ones reading the tech news sites right now.
And they will remember.via Geohot
We feel Sony is sending a wrong message to its consumers that it has rights in the computer it sells you even after you buy it, and therefore can decide whether your tinkering with that computer is legal or not. What do you think?
We will update you when more information on Geohot vs Sony battle comes in.