Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Version of PS3 Game Updater & PS3 Game Detector Version 1.11 Arrives

                PS3 Game Detector Now PS3 Game Updater, Version 1.11 Arrives
Today trueicecold has released a PC application formerly dubbed PS3 Game Detector
which is now called PS3 Game Updater and allows users to identify and grab updates for their PlayStation 3 game backups. 

It fetches the list of the game names in your specified backups directories with an option of finding the latest update to the those games. 

Download: PS3 Game Updater v1.11 

To quote: A small program I created, to make it easier for users download updates for their games. 

This program will scan you backed up games folder (On your computer, not PS3), show details about each game, and give you the option to download updates for your games, all at once by your choice (deselect the checkboxes on the left to remove a game from the update list). 

Version 1.11 

+ Enabled X button to close the appication. 

Version 1.1 

+ Added "Settings" and "About" windows. Use the "Settings" window to save your last used folder, open folder after downloading all updates, and determine whether to save the updates into one big folder, or put each update in its game folder. 

+ Table now shows the actualy game path as well. 

+ Select/Deselect all checkbox added. 

+ Added Download speed indicator. 

+ Downloading now shows the version of the donwloaded update. 

+ Minor GUI improvements. 

Version 1.0 

First release, only scans folder and shows details. Previously called "PS3 Game Detector". 

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