Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 finger and 4-finger Multi-Touch Gestures on iPad iOS 4.3 – [VIDEO]

As earlier we mentioned that iOS 4.3 is released so the Excellent benefit is that it has 4-finger and 5-finger gestures for the iPad have been added in iOS 4.3 firmware allowing you to quickly switch to home screen, bringing up the multitasking dock, and switching between apps. It the video after the break!

The above video shows the user four-finger swiping from left and right to switch between multitasking apps. Interestingly, pinching with 4 or 5 fingers returns you to the home screen, which removes the need for a physical home button. We will share more iOS 4.3 features with you on iOS 4.3 as we received more updates...........