Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gaia Manager for PS3 Backups on Custom Firmware v3.55 Arrives

                      Gaia Manager for PS3 Backups on Custom Firmware v3.55 Arrives
Recently drizzt84 has updated Gaia Manager for playing PlayStation 3 game backups to
version 2.00, followed shortly by v2.01, which both support PS3 3.55 Custom Firmware. 

Features now include integrated PS3 LV2 patching with peek and poke support, and the full changelogs are detailed below. 

Download: Gaia Manager for PS3 CFW 

V2.01 (3.55 CFW only) Features: 
  • It does not try to load the syscall every time you start Gaia Manager, but only the first time. that should be fix some crashes when reopening Gaia Manager.
  • It's reported that if the PS3 crashes sometimes you will need to do an hard power off / power on (detaching cable and reattaching).

V2.00 (3.55 CFW only) Features: 
  • Built for CFW 3.55 (with peek & poke support), integrate lv2 patching support (so, no need to use lv2.pkg). You need to remove old Gaia Manager from XMB before installing it

Finally, a video of Gaia Manager in action on PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 is posted below! 

Stay with us for more updates.