Wednesday, January 5, 2011

iPhone 5 Parts Leaked See Video !

A firm which is called GlobalDirectParts, They release more than 5 minutes videos which Showing  Apple's next generation of iPhone which is iPhone 5 parts.this is according to BGR.

We get a crystal clear look at the charging-port flex-cable and outer aluminum skeleton of the device. There are several key differences between the iPhone 4 parts and the new parts we are being shown — displayed side by side in the video — including the absence of several of the black, plastic strips on the casing. This new iPhone shell still has a micro-SIM card slot, which could mean several things: it belongs to a global CDMA iPhone, it is a slight retooling of the current GSM iPhone 4 (iPhone 4GS anyone?)

Anyway,we are expecting such rumors to see and hear untill the Apple confirmed This.

Stay with us for more information...........