Saturday, January 15, 2011

iPhone Ruling Should Apply :PS3 Hacker


George Hotz has spoken about his take on the impending legal action taken against him by Sony for hacking the Ps3

Geohot, as Hotz is known online, thinks he will be cleared of any wrong-doing inthe case. "Right now, still legally, you can go to my website and download my Jailbreak for your PS3," he told G4TV.
"What it lets you do is install homebrew applications, which have been developed by anyone. You can develop your own application or go download some and put them on your Jailbroken PS3."
“It's about whether you really own that device you purchased”
Many PS3 users were upset when Sony disabled 'OtherOS' support for the PS3 in March last year, meaning homebrew apps for the PS3 could no longer be used. Hotz thinks his earlier case, in which his iPhone jailbreak was cleared under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act sets a precedent:
"Currently the difference is the DMCA says specifically mobile phones, but the same precedent should apply. If they decide a phone is a closed system, where the manufacturer controls all the software that runs on it... If you can Jailbreak one closed system, why can't you Jailbreak another."
Hotz implied that the PS3 case could set a new precedent. "This case is about a lot more than what I did and me. It's about whether you really own that device that you purchased."
Hotz also added that he wasn't interested in Piracy: "The way piracy was previously done doesn't work in my Jailbreak. I made a specific effort while I was working on this to try to enable homebrew without enabling things I do not support, like piracy."

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