Monday, January 17, 2011

Jailbreaking/unlocking of iPhone will stop?

Apple has once again started revitalizing its efforts to stop the process of jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones but doesn’t look to be gaining any ground on the subject. Nadair Jackson, the college student from the video below, is among the many people who are now flooding Craigslist and Ebay with offers of either selling an unlocked/jailbroken iPhone or charging a fee to perform the process of unlocking/jailbreaking the phone. Check out the video to hear Nadair describe how it works?:

NBC reports that Apple is trying to recruit the Federal Government to help crackdown on the hackers performing the jailbreaking of the iOS. They’re attempting to gain help again even after a losing legal battle against the EFF last year involving iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking. “Current jailbreak technologies now in widespread use utilize unauthorized modifications to the copyrighted bootloader and operating system, resulting in the infringement of the copyrights in those programs,” Apple told the U.S. Copyright Office. Jailbreaking an iPhone breaks the law, Apple said, because the process relies on pirated copies of the bootloader and operating system. But if the rumors of the iPhone 5 being launched without a physical home button were to come true, it would definitely make jailbreaking the iDevice much more complicated. It’s highly unlikely that there will ever be a sure-fire way to stop jailbreaking/unlocking but even so, do you think that Apple will ever implement something that would truly make people think twice about jailbreaking/unlocking their iDevice?