Saturday, January 1, 2011

RecBoot 2.1 using for Enter & Exit iPhone and iPod Touch in Recovery Mode

RecBoot has been updated to 2.1. Those who don’t know, it is a nifty utility that puts your idevice into Recovery Mode or help you to exit out from recovery mode in a single click. RecBoot comes handy for rookie users and for those who don’t know how to insert the iPhone into recovery mode and for those who have the does not have the Home key fully functional.
RecBoot 2.1

How to use RecBoot 2.1 on iPhone, iPod Touch

  1. Download RecBoot 2.1 free software (link)
  2. Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer and run the program
  3. Click on one of two buttons depending on what you do: Enter Recovery Mode or go out with.
Recboot 2.1 Change Log
  • If device isn’t in recovery mode and the user hits Exit Recovery, we don’t send the usb commands anymore.
  • When the user hits the close button, kills the application. Same as CMD+Q.
  • Auto-updating system using Sparkle framework
  • 10.5.x support.
  • If the device is in an unknown mode or it is an unknown device, we now display this neatly in device String.