Friday, January 21, 2011

Angry Birds For Samsung Bada Phones Coming April

Ok some great news for Samsung Bada handset owners as Rovio is “examining” feasibility to release Angry Birds for this Smartphone OS. For those who don’t know, Samsung Bada is
aSmartphone operating system that was released in 2010. According to Samsung, Bada is supposed to be the new “Blue Ocean” of a highly sophisticated yet cost effective Smartphone OS with wider Apps choice etc. Well, we don‘t really believe in Samsung that much, but of course current Bada owners can shed some light on this.
Ok so now back to Angry Birds for Bada. Wavedroid, Xda member, emailed Rovio to seek information regarding any plans for this Game. And this is what Rovio replied with:
Hello Tom,
And thank you for contacting us.
We are currently investigating the demand of Angry Birds for Bada devices.
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Best Regards,
Well some folks and commentators are calling this old news but some are even claiming Angry Birds for Bada might debut within 3 months. We don’t really know what’s true and bluff in all this so please head to the XDA thread posted here for more information etc.