Saturday, January 15, 2011

“HackCenter” App Hacked Apple’s Game Center [VIDEO]

This is utterly shocking!! Competing in GameCenter is now passé! Apple’s Game Center has been hacked which now allows you to submit any score you want for any game using iPhone. If everyone will have a score of 999, who will be number 1? The “HackCenter” App is said to be available soon on Cydia Store. Catch the video demonstration after the break!

Game Center Hacked

Hacking Game Center – HackCenter

Introducing HackCenter. Available soon on the Cydia store. This hack allows you to send any score that you want to Game Center, and it works with every game. In this example, I show how you can use HackCenter to submit a fake score for Fruit Ninja.
Apple earlier announced a social-gaming network called Game Center with iOS 4.0 to compete with Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. On Game Center you can invite friends, participate in online matchmaking, compete in leaderboards, earn and track achievements, and more.