Friday, January 21, 2011

Install XBMC on the Apple TV 2, iPhone, and iPad

Latest updates which we received  that XBMC team has released the full-blown XBox Media Center app for iPad, iPhone 4 and Apple TV 2G running iOS 4.2.1 and above.The XBMC software can be install easily  If you have jailbroken your device before on iPhone/iPad via Cydia. You can then drag and drop media from your computer, or share it on your home-network. Installing XBMC on iOS devices is very easy. Follow the guide below:

How to install XBMC App on Jailbroken iPhone 4, iPad

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 4 and iPad with PwnageTool.
Step-2: Start ‘Cydia’ on your jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPad springboard.
Step 3: Select ‘Manage’ tab at the bottom of your iPhone screen and then select ‘Sources’.
Step 4: Select ‘Edit’ and then select ‘Add’. Now enter a URL source. Type ”” and select on ‘Add Source’. Once Cydia has added the source, click on ‘Return to Cydia’ button.
Step 5: Go to teamXBMC repo and tap XBMC-iOS to install. Exit cydia and start XBMC from your home menu.
Step 6: Reboot your iPhone 4 or iPad. You have now successfully installed XBMC (XBox Media Center app) on jailbroken iPad and iPhone 4.

Jailbroken iPhone 4 running XBMC App [VIDEO]

Jailbroken iPad running XBMC App [VIDEO]

In the iPad video, a 1080p video is being streamed from an SMB server with no transcoding. It’s dropping a few frames, but developers are confident that the A4 chip will be able to do a full 1080p video decode. If you want to port XBMC on your Apple TV2 then follow the guide .
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