Thursday, January 13, 2011

iOS 4.3 Reveals New iPhone, iPad Models! Is it Sprint’s WiMAX iPhone?

By sheer serendipity, engadget has found references to two new iPhone models and three new iPad models in iOS 4.3 beta build. Considering the current iPhone 4 is 3,1 for AT&T and 3,2 for Verizon, there is now a 3,3. On the iPad upfront, three models vis-à-vis GSM, CDMA and Wifi might arrive.
If you dig far enough into iOS’s code, you’ll eventually come across iPhone3,1, which is the AT&T iPhone 4, and the analogous iPhone3,2 (i.e. Verizon iPhone). It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but then along comes iOS 4.3 with a handful of new mystery identifiers to spurn speculation — namely, two new-generation iPhones (4,1 and 4,2) and three iPads (2,1; 2,2; and 2,3).
We’re thinking that Sprint event on Feb 7th is for a WiMAX iPhone. Even few months back James Kendrick of jkontherun reported-
In the totally unlikely to come true department, yesterday I was told that Sprint will be getting the iPhone this summer. You heard that right, while rumors have long pointed to Big Red getting the iPhone this year, never has it been mentioned that Sprint would be selling the iPhone. I can’t believe this is true, although the source has been reliable in the past and does work for Sprint.
What do you think these strings points to? White iPhone 4, Sprint iPhone? We will share more updates on iPad 2 and iPhone 5 as and when more information comes in