Thursday, January 13, 2011

Multi-touch Gestures to Replace Home Button on iPad 2 and iPhone 5 ?

iPad, iPhone will not have a “Home button” in the next hardware update! The information is stemming directly from a legit source placed at Apple by BGR, which confirms that Apple will launch button-less iPad 2 and iPhone 5 this year!

iPhone iPad home button
We have exclusively been told that the reason Apple just added multitouch gestures for the iPad in the latest iOS 4.3 beta is because the iPad will be losing the home button. Yes, we are told that Apple, at some point in time, will remove the home button from the iPad’s design. Instead of button taps, you will use new multitouch gestures to navigate to the home screen and also to launch the app switcher.
That’s not all, however. In addition to the home button disappearing from the iPad, we’re told that this change will make its way over to the iPhone as well. Our source said Apple employees are already testing iPads and iPhones with no home buttons on the Apple campus, and it’s possible we will see this new change materialize with the next-generation iPad and iPhone devices set to launch this year.
It has been said that Steve Jobs didn’t want any physical buttons on the original iPhone at first, and it looks like he may soon get his wish.
Those who don’t know, 4-finger and 5-finger gestures for iPad on iOS 4.3 BETA have already been added that allows you to quickly switch to home screen, bringing up the multitasking dock, and switching between apps. We will share more updates on iPad 2 and iPhone 5 as and when more information comes in