Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - best applications web site in cydia useful project is supposed to provide simple and convenient for the Jailbreak community. This is, in fact, a Web page through which you can see more information about themes, cydia Tweaks existing applications.

Among the information available on the site can find screenshots, original description of a particular application, view a breakdown of the different packages. Simply put, get all the information you need, quickly and easily, all without opening the cydia on the iPhone at all.

Depending on the application software is available for, you can:
  • Watch the video on YouTube explaining how the application works orTweaks.
  • Configure the application as a favor "and always keep it handy.
  • Search for content by the search engine or prior categories.
  • View the requirements for running application.
  • Possibility of going to the official home page of the application.
If everything mentioned so far is not enough, does not stop there and give the opportunity to try new content on a virtual iPhone which is adjacent to the site content. Interaction with the virtual phone gives a real sense, as if the phone in your hand while browsing among the various applications and plugins.
Indeed a very interesting initiative is recommended primarily for Mtamshim who make their first steps in the Jailbreak. But also a little more veteran users will find using the site
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