Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TomTom New Zealand 1.4.1 Map Updates

mzl.gsqxacos.320x480 75 TomTom New Zealand 1.4.1 IPA Free iPhone iPod Touch
Get the TomTom navigation app and have smart, easy-to-use, turn-by-turn navigation on your iPhone or iPod touch, whenever and wherever you need it.

And, now, never miss a turn. The new TomTom app guides you even while you’re on a call or running a different app on your iPhone.
- SEAMLESS NAVIGATION WHILE CALLING (iPhone 3GS only*): See continuous visual instructions, even when you are on a call, so you still find your way. Now making and answering calls safely won’t slow you down.
- NEW, UPDATED MAPS: Because on average 15% of roads change every year, your TomTom app comes with the latest and most up-to-date map, ready to navigate. No mobile signal or data plan is required to browse your map and navigate to your destination.
- BACKGROUND NAVIGATION INSTRUCTIONS (iPhone 3GS & iPod touch 3rd Gen. only*): Lets you see other apps on your screen while still receiving spoken turn-by-turn instructions.
- ROUTE SHARING: Share your route details with your contacts via email. Keep friends and family up to date with your plans.
DEPARTURE REMINDER: Added to your calendar, departure reminders make you aware of when you need to get on the road.
- ECO ROUTES: Save money and reduce your impact on the environment by driving with these more fuel-efficient Eco Routes.

CAR SYMBOLS: Personalize the car symbol on your driving screen. Choose from a range of car icons and symbols.
- IQ ROUTES TECHNOLOGY: TomTom’s exclusive technology evaluates routes based on actual traffic speeds, rather than static posted speed limits, and will recommend the fastest route for the time of day.
- ADVANCED LANE GUIDANCE: Enhanced graphics show you exactly which lane to take in complex multi-lane situations.
HELP ME! EMERGENCY MENU: Easily access local emergency providers such as police, fire stations, and hospitals.
- AUTOMATIC DAY & NIGHT MODE: Adjusts screen brightness based on time of day.
- FAST ROUTE RE-CALCULATION: Reroutes you if you miss a turn.
- LANDSCAPE/PORTRAIT ORIENTATION OPTION: Place your screen sideways or upright and the app responds, allowing you to view the road the way you prefer.
- DESIGNED & OPTIMIZED FOR IPHONE & IPOD TOUCH: The app responds to the same familiar, multi-touch capabilities you