Monday, March 21, 2011

iOS 4.3.1 is coming within a week, iPad 2 Jailbreak Exploit Patched

BGR is reporting that Apple is all set to release iOS 4.3.1 software update within the next “one to two weeks” that will patch iPad 2 Jailbreak vulnerability along with other security updates and minor bug fixes.
iOS 4.3.1 Change Log:

  • Baseband updates for the 3GS and iPad (original)
  • Fixed memory hang that results in memory corruption when reading large
  • files from USIM file system
  • Fixed problem with NTLM authentication in apps and on websites
  • Fixed issue with the Springboard and 3rd party apps not recognizing the gyroscope on the iPad 2
  • Fixed iPad 2 jailbreak vulnerability.
Just after 2 days of its launch, iPad 2 got its own taste of freedom from Comex. He even posted a video of jailbroken iPad 2 in action. It is still unclear, if the Comex’s userland exploit has been fixed in upcoming iOS 4.3.
Interestingly, iOS hacker Comex yesterday hinted that new bootrom vulnerability has already been discovered and exploited by someone. However, there is no concrete proof that substantiates his statement.
We will update you as we get more information on it