Sunday, March 27, 2011

yxflash 3.1.5 released [Crack]

Update : Version 3.1.5 released ! Crack is out !!

    v 3.1.5
  • ???

    Download Yxflash_3.1.5 MegaUpload | Mediafire
    Download Keygen MegaUpload 
    Install the .deb with iFile and get your UUID from iTunes to generate a serial for your device. Enjoy! 

    NOTE: the last keygen didnt calculate correct serials for iPhone 3, this is because on older Devices a different binary is loaded and i missed that. This should be fixed and since there is a new version out we pre it even if its MU. 

    Supported Devices 
    iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Firmware 2.x, 3.x and 4.x 

    yxflash is video player for mobile devices supporting iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It supports High quality Xvid/Divx, Flash Video, and WMV playback on iPhone. No longer be held hostage to only Apple's ipod video format. No more need to convert your videos!

    Supported Multimedia Formats 
    • Flash Video
    • Mpeg4, H.264(Baseline Profile)
    • WMV / Windows Media Video
    • AVI (Xvid / Divx)
    • Mp4 and FLV (flash)
    • Mp3, AAC and Window Media Audio 


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