Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mobile Profiles 2.3.2 [Crack]

Update : Version 2.3.2 released ! Crack is out !! [Credits to Fabius]

* Fixed issue with Twitter screen showing persistently.
* Fixed issues with Facebook login using the Facebook app for authentication.
* Fixed incorrect screen sizes from Nag screen in Demo.
* Fixed crash when setting a custom command from the Mobile Profile Switcher.
* Fixed issue with Color Wheel changing interface to black when no color was selected
[WARNING] This has many crash issues on 4.2+!

Download 2.3.2 Cracked : Official 

Mobile Profiles allows you create custom profiles with iPhone system settings that you define for each individual profile you may create! You can also add a description to your profile for a quick reference as well as rename the profile.

* Create Custom Profiles
Mobile Profiles allows you create custom profiles with iPhone system settings that you define. You can control the ringtone, system volume, screen brightness and much more. You can also rename a profile on the go and add a short description for your reference.
* Quick Profiles
You can also quickly enable or disable iPhone services such as and Bluetooth and Location Services with Quick Profiles. Other features include a shake to toggle Quick Profiles visibility.
* Quick Services
Change system settings on the fly.
* Share notifications
Optionally send out notifications to social networks Twitter and Facebook, as well as custom SMS Text Messages to a user-defined Phone Number.
See More Info below for Screenshots

Previous Version 
1.6.1 : Official