Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MobileNotifier Version 0.3.7-2 is released

Update : Version 0.3.7-2 released ! Crack is out !!

1. More settings! Toggle whether you want Antique Apple alerts on your lockscreen, and if you'd like your MobileNotifier alerts to auto-later.
2. The alert auto-later timer has been increased to 15 seconds.

Download 0.3.7-2 Cracked : Official

MobileNotifier is an open source reimplementation of the iOS notification system, designed to be unobtrusive, user-friendly, and a joy to use. A new release was announced earlier today, bringing the software to a significantly more usable state. It’s accessible on Cydia via the repo, and it really feels like the way iPhone notifications should have been done by Apple in the first place.

Previous Version 
0.3.6-1 : Official 
0.3.5-1 : Official
0.3.2-1 : Official