Monday, March 21, 2011

Next-Gen iPhone 5 will be lunched in This Spring?

Recently Apple marketing senior vice president Phil Schiller confirmed that a white iPhone will be available “this spring”. It is important to note that he did not mention “White iPhone 4″ in specific. If Schiller was referring to the white iPhone 5, he then inadvertently slipped us a time frame for the iPhone 5 launch. Don’t you think?
@airickanderson Hi Eric. The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!).
Philip Schiller
We already know that the last date for spring season is June 20, so there’s your iPhone 5 availability date. Ok, let’s consider that Schiller was actually referring to a white iPhone 4. Even then June 20 seems to be a possible iPhone 5 release date because Apple might announce White iPhone 4 during iPhone 5 launch event at a reduced price. Apple typically keeps the current iPhone model on the market at a reduced price when unveiling a new model.
Based on earlier reports of suspicious-looking bookings at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Apple might unveil its next iPhone 5 on iOS 5.0 between June 5 and 9. If we take Phil’s tweet into consideration, we now know that the white iPhone 5 will be available by June 20 at the latest.
Interestingly, white model of iPhone 4 was never rolled out because of the white paint issue it was having in the rear surface. My bet goes with White iPhone 5 and not iPhone 4. What do you think? Share your views or comments in the comment section below. Via CTS
As always, we will update you as more tidbits on iPhone 5 comes-in.