Thursday, March 10, 2011

[HAROBARONEWS] TruPrint 1.1.0

Download 1.1.0 Patch : Official (Credits to Wortel)

Installation Instructions:
Install ((Original Version)) from Cydia, let trial start, then Install this patch

Installation Notes:
If the Unofficial Version is Installed, UNINSTALL that version FIRST Then Install OFFICIAL version fromCydia.
then Run this Patch. Install the deb file
or Update your ((OFFICIAL)) TruPrint within Cydia, then run the patch (( Install the deb File)).
Reboot (Respring will bring up "Safe Mode"!!!) Done!!..
Uninstall the patch with Cydia (( Patch is no longer Needed after installed))

Real Printing!!!!
Apple gave iOS 4.2 printing. But they forgot that not everyone has one of 8 printers. With TruPrint, you can print to most network printers!

Posted ImagePosted Image 

- Autodiscover your printer!
- Print to most network printers!
- Great CUPS support