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NAVIGON MobileNavigator 1.7.0 + Panorama View 3D *Update*

Update 5 : Instructions on How-To get Panoramic View 3D working

1) Download Navigon 1.7 3D from below.
EU   : 

2) Unzip the file and you will get 2 files _MACOSX and Navigon 1.7 3D.

3) SSH into your iPhone using DiskAid OR winSCP.

4) Navigate to :  /private/var/mobile/Applications/C2C8ACE9-637E-4C00-9F2F-BBB5BA0EBAF1. 

You will find these folders :


5) Now in the Navigon 1.7 3D file downloaded above navigate to Documents folder. Now copy smap folder to the Documents folder of your iDevice.

6) Now in Navigon 1.7 3D file navigate to : Library folder. Now copy Preferences folder to Library folder of your iDevice.

7) Now in Navigon 1.7 3D file navigate to Now copy NAVIGON file to folder of your iDevice. 

8) Now while still in Diskaid in your Library/Caches folder, delete Specialmaps.dat.

9) Launch Navigon on your iDevice. Go to Main Menu > More > Options > Map view > Check off Panorama View 3D.

Notes : 
  • You may have to use iFile to change the permissions of folders using permissions 777.
  • All possible Terrain View files direct downloads are given below.
  • NA_USA

Update 4 : Version 1.7.0 released ! All Official Maps added !

What's New In Version 1.7.0

☞ Active Lane Assistant
Provides a realistic display of the actual course of the road including curves in a dynamic travelling animation. It not only shows you in good time which lane you need to change to, but also when. 

☞ Additional Travel and Restaurant guides (available through In App Purchase)
If getting from A to B is not enough for you a variety of additional guides will assist you in choosing the best restaurants, hotels and travel destinations.

☞ Universal app for iPhone and iPad
Use NAVIGON MobileNavigator iPhone in an optimised version for your iPad. 

☞ Sharing stored Favourites between iOS devices
Do you use NAVIGON MobileNavigator on more than one Apple device? Then you can simply transfer saved Favourites from one device to the other, quickly and easily, via email.

☞ MyReport
Have you come across a change in traffic, such as a new roundabout? MyReport allows you to report changes in the road network simply and directly, by making an entry in your iPhone or iPad. Once they’ve been thoroughly checked by experts, your reports will be incorporated into one of our latest map releases.

Download 1.7.0 USA/Canada : Official 

Download 1.7.0 Eastern Europe : Torrent

NAVIGON MobileNavigator France 
Posted Image


NAVIGON MobileNavigator BeNeLux 
Posted Image


NAVIGON MobileNavigator Australia 
Posted Image


NAVIGON MobileNavigator Italy 
Posted Image


NAVIGON MobileNavigator Eastern Europe 
Posted Image


NAVIGON MobileNavigator EU 10 
Posted Image


NAVIGON MobileNavigator Nordics 
Posted Image


NAVIGON MobileNavigator Iberia 
Posted Image











NAVIGON MobileNavigator Europe 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator Eastern Europe 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator EU 10 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator British Isles 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator France 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator BeNeLux 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator Australia 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator Italy 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator Turkey 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator Nordics 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator Iberia 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator D-A-CH 1.7.0.ipa

[NAVIGON MobileNavigator Spain 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator Germany 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator Greece 1.7.0.ipa

NAVIGON MobileNavigator Mexico 1.7.0.ipa 

With the NAVIGON MobileNavigator you can transform your iPhone into a fully functional mobile navigation system that is every bit as good as the multi-award-winning personal navigation devices from NAVIGON in terms of its user-friendliness and features.
Thanks to a faithful adaptation of the menu functions, the NAVIGON MobileNavigator fits in seamlessly with the operating concept of the iPhone. The application includes the latest map material from the market leader NAVTEQ.

Features and range of functions:
- Simple, intuitive user interface
- Can be used in portrait and landscape format
- Precise voice announcements
- Intelligent address entry
- Reality View Pro (realistic display of motorway interchanges and exits)
- Lane Assistant Pro
- Real signpost display
- Speed Assistant with adjustable audio-visual warning
- Day and night mode for map display 
- Direct access and navigation to contacts saved in the iPhone’s address book
- The latest NAVTEQ map material 
- Navigation is automatically resumed after an incoming phone call
- 2D and 3D map displays (bird’s-eye view)
- Quick access to user-defined POIs in the area and along the route
- Take Me Home function with a single click
- Automatic language selection to match the iPhone’s user language
- Route planning function
- Radar Info (not for all countries)
- Call POI function (call the number of a point of interest or save it to your contacts)
- Text-to-Speech
- Automatic Day/Night adjustment
- Integrated iPod control
- Location sharing via Email
-NAVGON Traffic Live in A (In App Purchase)

iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 3
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