Monday, March 7, 2011

SBRotator 2.1.5 for iOS 3.x and 1.40 for iOS 4.x

Update 2 : Version 1.40 released for iOS 4.x ! Crack is out !!
      • Fixed a conflicting issue with FE causing a lag when unlocking or exiting an application
      • Fixed some issues

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            Requires iOS4+ 

            Rotate that SpringBoard! 

            SBRotator4 is here to add native rotation to the iPhone/iPod and give you a rotating SpringBoard! No need to be jealous of iPad rotating when you flip your device, anymore! 

            SBRotator 4 has received several improvements compared to older versions and works great on iOS 4.x! It rotates your whole SpringBoard, not just icons independently. It also rotates some of non-rotating apps, like Settings, YouTube, Phone and more. 

            SBRotator 4 offers different icon layouts for each orientation. It lets you have 4x4 icons in portrait but 3x6 or 2x8 in landscape and so on. It also rotates App Switcher (multitasking bar) to match SpringBoard's orientation. 

            Several rotation options are included, animation options, icon layout options, icon sizing options to fit your icons better in landscape etc. 

            Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

            HINT : SBRotator 4 works best with ScrollingBoard. 
            Compatible with Iconoclasm, Shrink, Barrel, LockInfo and most of SpringBoard tweaks. 

            Update : Version 2.1.5 released ! Crack is out !!

            v 2.1.5 
            • Fixed OverBoard crash
            • Prepared SBRotator to work along with LSRotator

            v 2.1.4 
            • improved fix icons switch functionality
            • Fixed small dock image on iOS4

              Download 2.1.5 Cracked : Official

              SpringBoard Rotator is a tweak which permits your icons to adapt themselves to your springboard in landscape mode by rotating and changing wallpaper also. (See also SBRotator SBSettings Toggle)

                  Posted Image

                  Change Wallpaper
                  • Put a wallpaper called LockBackground-Wide.jpg in landscape mode 480×320 in /User/Library (/private/var/mobile/Library) with SSH.
                  • Tick « LockBackground-Wide.jpg » in Options.
                  • Compatible with InfiniDock and InfiniBoard but in paging mode.