Saturday, March 5, 2011

Use SHAtter Exploit to Jailbreak iPad 2 on iOS4.3 !

Can iPad 2 on iOS 4.3 be jailbroken on its first day? Might be! Since hardware has been revised in iPad 2, Apple must have patched limera1n’s bootrom exploit, which is being used in jailbreaking tools like greenpois0n, sn0wbreeze and PwnageTool. But the latest tweetfrom p0sixninja (of Chronic Dev team) suggests that SHAtter exploit might be good enough to pwn iPad 2 device.
We’re crossing our fingers and hoping that at least SHAtter is still in iPad2
However, chances are minimal that SHAtter exploit will work and jailbreak iPad2. It must have been patched by Apple, as it was leaked few months ago. When asked by one of the user about the possibility that the A5 (iPad 2 Chip) has the same vulnerabilities as the A4 (S5L8930), p0sixninja replied:
The code is just updated for each new device, if they didn’t find the vuln we’re good
there’s not even any need to wonder if it will or will not be jailbroken. Of course it will :-P
Soon after, p0sixninja again confirmed that iPad 2 will be jailbroken. If we go by these tweet, we can assume that SHAtter exploit is still in safe hands.
Those who don’t know, posixninja and pod2g discovered the SHAtter exploit on S5L8930 chip (the A4), which allows the use of unsigned code execution in order to create a tethered jailbreak ‘SHAtter’, a jailbreak for life. This Bootrom exploit, which is unlike userland exploit can’t be fixed by Apple without a new hardware release of iOS device. Just firmware’s update will not going to patch the bootrom exploit.
Well, we’ll all celebrate the day when iPad 2 on firmware 4.3 iOS will be jailbroken using SHAtter exploit. This is certainly a bad new for entire jailbreaking community. We will update you more on this as and when more information is available. 
Stay with us for more updates................