Friday, April 1, 2011

iBlueverDemo 1.5.5 [iDevice]


iBlueverDemo 1.5.5 is the very useful iDevice software to be used for connection of the internet by using the 3G/ GPRS settings of the iphone.

iBlueverDemo 1.5.5 is the iPhone software which uses the bluetooth technology to get connected with the internet of iPhone by Bluetooth dial up network.
iBlueverDemo 1.5.5 is the updated version of iBlueverDemo. iBlueverDemo 1.5.5 is not compatible with iPod touch 1G.
iBlueverDemo 1.5.5 is the demo version to check the functions of the iBlueverDemo 1.5.5 , if you are satisfied with the working of the iBlueverDemo , then go and buy the full version.

iBlueverDemo 1.5.5 ChangeLog:

  • AliPay buy link updated

iBlueverDemo 1.5.5 200x300 iBlueverDemo 1.5.5

iBlueverDemo 1.5.5

Download Here iBlueverDemo 1.5.5 (0)