Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apple iPhone 5 to Run will need A5 Processor & 4-inch Screen Display – Report

After 3 iPhone 5 models in Apple’s product line, more rumors have been swirling about the device, ahoy! This time Digitimes is claiming that the fifth generation iPhone will use a 4-inch screen and would gallop on Cortex-A9-based A5 processor amid growing competition, specifically with Android.
The component suppliers noted that the production lines for Apple’s next generation iPhone have begun testing, and Apple is interesting in expanding the screen size to 4-inches to support the tablet PC market as the vendor only has a 9.7-inch iPad in the market.
Most of the high-end smartphones are mainly 4-inch and larger models. Samsung Galaxy S and Google’s Nexus S have 4-inch panels, Sharp adopts 5.5-inch, and Acer plans to launch a 4.8-inch models. The news is ironic to the purported iPhone Nano which is said to possess smaller display screen (less than 3.5-inch). In another report, iPhone 5 is claimed to gallop on A5 processor.
Apple is reportedly looking to outsource the production of its A4 processor as well as the next-generation ARM Cortex-A9-based A5 processor to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), according to industry sources.
According to Digitimes Research, the iPad 2 will support an enhanced version of the A4 and the A5 will power the iPhone 5. TSMC will initially produce the improved A4, and could likely become the exclusive manufacturer of the A5.
Well, a 4.5-inch screen is a bit big for me, but in order to experience the purportedly supreme screen quality? I might be able to deal. We will update you as and when more updates on iPhone 5 comes-in.
via: (gadgetsdna.com)