Thursday, February 17, 2011

iPhone Nano & iPhone 5 Mockups – Roundup

Some new iPhone 5, iPhone Nano (Mini) mockups have surfaced which have been rendered by various graphic designers. The images comply perfectly with the rumors floating around: edge-to-edge screen, 4-inch display, no Home button, slide-out keyboard.
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mjay2k developed following mockups of iPhone 5 with 4″ screen with an “edge to edge”
screen. The image shows that a 4″ screen could fit on an existing iPhone 4 sized device by extending the screen to the left and right edges.
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Another creative mockup of iPhone 5 with “edge to edge” screen display in both white and black color looks awesome. What do you think of these variations? Share your thoughts!
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Apple is indeed working on a bite-sized iPhone that will soon become a reality. Codenamed “N97″ the new iPhone 5 will be half the size of the current model and could be available for as little as $49 on contract.
Check out this space for more iPhone 5 mockups. If you have any iPhone renderings to share, please share via comment section.
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