Monday, February 14, 2011

Cydia Blocked in 3 Countries

iOS modder and developer @stroughtonsmith is confirming that, 3 Ireland, 3 UK and Unicom carrier in China has blocked Cydia servers from their network.

0xMW For those tweeting the blocking is a cydia bug or a temporary n/w glitch; Here is more proof/another report:
iT3chno @stroughtonsmith 3 UK have blocked Cydia too. Not only pre-pay but pay monthly aswell.
nibsuk @stroughtonsmith @0xmw Not just 3 Ireland: They’re doing it in the UK too:
ccpj @stroughtonsmith @0xMW #China unicom has been blocked #Cydia‘s server too
iPhone users who rely on jailbreak are facing issues while installing or updating Cydia apps. When Cydia tries to get an app from, they receive a “Host Unreachable” message or “Refreshing Data” error message. Via iHackintosh
[Update 1]: But now it seems that it was just an error due to third party software and the carrier is working to get it unblocked ASAP. Patric, a verified representative of Three carrierconfirmed:
We were not aware that this site was being blocked and it is being blocked in error. It is being blocked due to Bluecoat, the third party filtering software that we use to filter adult content.

Stay wirh us for more detail.........