Monday, February 21, 2011

Geohot will Jailbreak,Root Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play Android Phone

Every device is hackable, when it is in the hands of demigod – Geohot! George Hotz has made it clear to Sony that he isn’t afraid of any legal action and want to be the first to jailbreak or root android 2.3 OS based Sony Xperia PlayStation Phone.

would be for the first time the hacker has shown interest towards rooting Android OS based devices. Earlier he hinted his inclination towards hacking WP7. Jailbreaking or Rooting phones is legal in the US and thanks to the efforts of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Geohot confirmed it via his blog, while asking for donation to fight against Sony.
Why should I trust you? I just saw you trying to rap battle Sony
My attempts at humor aside, I do take this whole matter very seriously. Again, it’s not about me, I was on the verge of quitting this stuff last June, and I would hate to be the one who sets a reputation for hackers that all a company has to do is sue us and we back down. In fact, I want the opposite reputation set, that the more a company tries to abuse the legal system, the harder we rally back. I will be the first person in line on the launch date of the Xperia Play, and itching to get my hands on the Next GEOHOT Project.
It seems that Geohot has been hammering away at getting the Sony Xperia Play Station phone its own taste of freedom right on its launch day. We will update you as and when more information on Xperia jailbreaking comes-in.
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