Friday, February 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian Twitter account was not hacked7

                        Kim Kardashian Twitter Account Hacked

Reality Television legend posted a note on her Twitter story Tuesday reading, Twitter please help me acquire my password back. How is it that I can tweet starting my cell other than my
residence computer says incorrect password.
Her Twitter feed, Kim Kardashian, has additional than six million followers, thousands of whom responded on the way to Kardashian plea intended for help by means of advice such seeing that that not cool, hope twitter sorts it out for u, as well as change just before a new password, you be supposed to be fine.
Kardashian was clever to post updates via cell phone other than not her residence computer raised a ruby flag intended for Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant intended for the security firm Sophos.
It seems possible that she was mistaken, Cluley wrote within a Sophos blog. Her mobile phone still allowed her to post messages, including the lone that claimed she had been hacked at the same time as she claimed was not capable to log inside through
The following tweet introduced that Kardashian had regained right of entry to her account.
“Ok guys its really me … I’m back! That was sooo annoying! Hackers are so lame. Like what’s the point!”