Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apple testing three iPhone 5 models! one model with Slide KeyPad is may be?

t looks like we are in for a whole heap of iPhones over the next 10 months. It is being reported that Apple is testing three separate prototypes for iPhone 5, including one with a slide-out keyboard.

The very first thing we want to know about these newfangled iPhone 5 is exactly what we’re getting? We don’t have all the answers just yet – But the report suggests that one of the prototype models will be similar to the iPhone 4 with an upgraded battery and 8-megapixel camera.
Apple Pro also points that a slide-out keyboard model could simply a design put for testing purpose, and may never be intended for a public release. It is important to note that Apple.pro has an abysmal track record of providing leaked information from Apple’s product-line (1,2,3,4,5) so it might turn out to be legit.
Apple is already been working on iPhone Nano, which is lighter in weight and have an edge-to-edge screen with touch interface, as well as a virtual keyboard and voice-based navigation. It seems that Apple is indeed shifting its gears to accelerate sales of its smartphones amid growing competition, specifically with Android.
We will update you once more information on iPhone 5 comes out!