Monday, May 2, 2011

[Crack] BiteSMS Updated 2 Version 5.3 Beta 5


Updates: Bite SMS version 5.3 beta Five Released.Crack is out!


Features of Bite SMS version 5.3 Beta Five:

  • Disable Automatic MMS Display
  • TextFreek integration
  • Added ‘Remember per Contact’ features
  • Support for ringtones on iOS 4.2.1
  • active / inactive buttons
  • 50% volume reduced For biteSMS Ringtones
With BiteSMS 5.3 Beta 5 you can also send messages internationally at very cheap rates via BiteSMS Network.

[Image: cydevice.png]

It is available in Cydia biteSMS the beta 5 of 5.3, the program that adds many features native Messaging application, greatly improving. Let's see what's new in this version:

Fixed a problem that caused the crash;
Fixed the bug of scrolling long messages;
Added the "Show automatically recent" to QuickCOMP.
If the contact person concerned has no TextFreek, the Send button function as swtich to send the message through biteSMS or through your service;
Added option to disable the automatic display of MMS in QuickReply;
Fixed a bug with the "Previous Posts";
Different images to "send via";
Fixed a bug with text field for the settlement of SMS.
Previous Versions
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