Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RecognizeMe v1.0.0-16 Released [Crack]


    Updates: RecognizeMe version 1.0.0-16 Released. Crack is out!
  • Fixed compatibility with LockInfo's Dim timer control
  • Fixed Crash on Face Trainer when Documents folder owner and/or permissions were incorrect (config files moved to /var/mobile/Library/rcgme now, they will automatically copy over)

Download : 
1.0.0-16 Cracked : Official

RecognizeMe is the first ever Facial Recognition for iOS. Recognize me works with all iOS 4.x+, and sits on the passcode lock screen. RecognizeMe uses the Front Facing camera on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Gen (also, it works well with the iPad 2, when ever a jailbreak is found!) Simply train using the included App, making sure to have even light on your face, configure a lockscreen passcode, and you're good to go! Threshold for verification is adjustable, and you can add/remove biometric sets at any time. (I find 3 sets optimal, with even light on the face in low, medium, and high light conditions)


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